At Treat Treehouse, we are passionate about the planet and its ecosystems. Every quarter, we select a different animal or environmental charity; making a £1 donation for each and every product sold.

Our support for these charities helps protect and preserve what mother nature gave us; from our canine companions to endangered species and sustainable agriculture.


Street Vet

Registered Charity No. 1181527

Street Vet is a charity which offers free essential veterinary care and services to pets of those experiencing homelessness across the UK.

The donations will go towards providing care for pets in need. This includes buying medications, paying for life-saving operations and providing owners with daily essentials for their pets and equipping the Street Vet team with the kits needed when they swap the practice for the pavement.

Visit Street Vet website >


National Animal Welfare Trust

Registered Charity No.  1090499

The National Animal Welfare Trust is a charity that operates five animal rehoming centres across Southern England. NAWT cares for and rehomes around 1,200 animals per year and has 3 charity shops to help further promote their work and raise funds.

The donations made went towards looking after the animals in their care.

Visit NAWT website >


Berkshire, Buckinghamshire & Oxfordshire Wildlife Trust

Registered Charity No. 680007

Berkshire Buckinghamshire Oxfordshire Wildlife Trust Logo

Berkshire, Buckinghamshire & Oxfordshire Wildlife Trust is a voluntary organisation dedicated to nature conservation; from managing nature reserves & monitoring declining species to advising landowners in the region how to care for certain species and their habitats.

The donations made went towards looking after their existing nature reserves, acquiring new ones & inspiring more people to take action to protect local wildlife.

Visit B.B.O.W.T website >


Diana Brimblecombe Animal Rescue Centre

Registered Charity No. 288473


Founded over 50 years ago, D.B.A.R.C is a purpose-built premises that is home to dogs, cats, rabbits and guinea pigs looking for loving homes.

The donation we made went towards the day-to-day care essentials as well as veterinary health checks, procedures required post-health check, vaccinations, neuteuring/spaying, microchopping and flea & worming treatments.

Visit the D.B.A.R.C website >


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