Grass Field

Treat Treehouse is an eco-conscious business. Even as a business in our early stages, we have put mechanisms in place to ensure that we minimise our carbon footprint.

As we grow, we will continually strive to improve and refine our online and offline practices to better serve this long-term mission.

Here is a breakdown of the choices we’ve made to reduce carbon emissions:

Responsibly sourced products

Our products are sourced responsibly and manufactured in compliance with UK & EU Government regulations. We make use of parts of animals that are typically unused in meat production, preventing them from going to waste.


Where possible, we’ve opted for natural, sustainable and dog-safe materials to package our goods.

Our natural treats come in a cardboard box filled with wood wool.

To take things a step further, we also do not custom print our packaging. Instead, we use an eco-manufactured wood and rubber stamp and vegan ink to brand our boxes.

Unfortunately, we’ve been unable to completely wave “goodbye” to plastic. We use plastic envelopes to ensure our products retain quality and are protected from the elements.



By default, we use Royal Mail - Tracked 48 (Environment) to ship our products. This is the most environmentally-friendly shipping method that the company offers.
Due to their on-foot delivery method, Royal Mail is the one of the UK mail carriers with the lowest carbon emissions recorded per parcel. Find out more about Royal Mail’s sustainability pledge.



We’ve kept our website colour palette and design minimalistic to reduce data consumption and therefore, reduce carbon footprint. Over time, we plan to follow other practices to make our website even more energy efficient!


Charity Fundraising

We are a company of animal and environmental lovers. Each month, we select a different animal or environmental charity to support. 

For more information or to find out more about this month’s charity and past charities we’ve supported, please visit our Charity Donations page.